In addition to my academic research and presentations, I often organize events that bring together unlikely partners to join a conversation around technology, policy and politics. Events that I have organized or co-organized are listed below.


NOV 2015 Encore: A session on the ethics of using visitor clients to measure censorship, CITP, Princeton University, NJ, USA.

SEP 2015 Obfuscation Book Launch, MCC, New York University, NY, USA.

SEP 2015 Tool Clinic, Privacy Engineering Workshop, Computing Community Consortium Series on Privacy by Design, Carnegi Melon University, PA, USA.

JUL 2015 Touching Corellations, Women and Surveillance Initiative, Data and Society, NY, USA.

SEP 2014 Internet Ungovernance Forum, program curation and international public relations, Alternative Informatics Association, Istanbul, Turkey.

APR, 2014 Seda Gürses (moderator), Lilly Nguyen, Christina Dunbar-Hester, Kat Jungnickel, Women in Tech: ISTC Social meets FemTechNet, The New School, NY, USA.

SINCE 2014 Women (trans inclusive) and Surveillance Group, a discussion group following “Snowden revelations”, NY, USA.

MAR, 2013 Seda Gürses, George Danezis, Arvind Narayanan, Spider Alex, Reni Hoffmüller, Are You Distributed? The Federated Web Show, Unlike Us #3, Institute of Networked Cultures, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

NOV, 2012 Seda Gürses (SPION) and Annet Daems (EMSOC), “For Your Eyes Only” An International Conference on Privacy, Empowerment, and Technology in the Context of Online Social Networks, Brussels, Belgium.

FALL 2012 Seda Gürses, Jos Vandewalle, Bart Preneel, Claudia Diaz, Metaforum Series on Privacy, ICTs and Organizations: The Example of the University, with Faculty and Staff of KU Leuven and the University Hospital, Leuven, Belgium.

JAN, 2012 Seda Gürses, Simon Yuill, Kristie Ball, Christian Fuchs, David Hollis, Tonia Novitz, Panel: Freedom of Association in the Networked Workplace, CPDP 2012, Brussels, Belgium.

JAN, 2012 Seda Gürses, Simon Yuill, Kristie Ball, Christian Fuchs, David Hollis, Tonia Novitz, Owen Logan, Joris Van Hoboken, Femke Snelting, Workshop on Freedom of Association at the Networked Workplace, Constant VZW and Strickland Distribution, Brussels, Belgium.

DEC, 2011 Isik Baris Fidaner and Seda Gürses, The Movements Against State-Controlled Internet in Turkey, 28C3, Berlin, Germany.

SINCE 2011 Femke Snelting and Seda Gürses, Math Meets Flesh: Conversations, Constant VZW, Brussels, Belgium.

SINCE 2010 constant vzw: development of the anonymity game, math meets flesh discussion series, free software tools, development of a course in an art school on the networked social