I am currently an FWO post-doctoral fellow at Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) in the Privacy Technologies Team at the Department of Electrical Engineering University of Leuven and an associate fellow at the Center for Information Technology and Policy at Princeton University. Prior to that I was a fellow at the Media, Culture and Communications Department at NYU Steinhardt and at the Information Law Institute at NYU Law School working together with a dandy group of researchers under the leadership of Helen Nissenbaum. During my time at NYU, I was also was part of the Intel Science and Technology Center on Social Computing. In my research, I study conceptions of privacy and surveillance in online social networks, requirements engineering, privacy enhancing technologies and identity management systems.

Outside of the university, I have been affilliated with a number of groups and initiatives. After many years of collaboration, I have finally become a member of my favorite collective Constant VZW. One concrete outcome of that collaboration has been the course “networked social” at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique which we have been teaching since 2012. I have also been a member and supporter of Alternatif Bilisim Dernegi , an association based in Turkey working on digital rights.

Prior to my time in NY, I was also part of the Privacy and Identity Management Group at COSIC/ESAT at the University of Leuven. These research groups are led by Claudia Diaz and Bart Preneel, respectively. I completed my PhD titled “Multilateral Privacy Requirements Analysis in Online Social Networks”at the Arenberg School in the group HMDB of the Computer Science Department also in Leuven. Bettina Berendt and Bart Preneel were my supervisors. Thomas Santen, who during my thesis started working at Microsoft Research, was also vital to the thesis.

I used to be the coordinator of the interdisciplinary project “Security and Privacy in Social Networks” (SPION) supported by the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) in Belgium. During this post, I organized an interdisciplinary conference on privacy, empowerment and technology in the context of online social networks titled “For Your Eyes Only“. In the past, I also participated as a researcher in two EU projects “Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services” (TAS³) and “Global Identity Networking of Individuals” (GINI) where I did research on privacy and security requirements engineering.


Reviewed articles for the following conferences and workshops:

International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Summer School 2013, International Conference on Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Communication Systems (MOBISEC) 2012, Information Security Conference (ISC) 2012, Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FEDSCIS) 2012, IEEE Internet Computing 2012, W3C Workshop: DNT and Beyond 2012, Financial Crypto 2011, Pervasive and Mobile Computing 2011, Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics 2011, Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 2011, Transactions on Software Engineering 2011, ECIS 2009–10, IDIS 2009–11, ICIS 2010, AMCIS 2009, WOSN 2009, ICIS 2008, SIGMOD 2008, GISScience 2006.


Program Committee Member:

Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS) 2013, International Conference on Privacy and Security in Mobile Systems (PRISMS) 2013, European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS) 2013 (Associate Editor), International Conference on Privacy and Security in Mobile Systems (PRiSMS) 2013, TILTing Perspectives 2012, Workshop on Usable Security (USEC) 2012–2013, USENIX Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet (FOCI) 2012, Identity in the Information Society Workshop (IDIS) 2010–2011, Computers Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP) 2011–present.