Symposium on Obfuscation

My first encounters with the concept of obfuscation go back to discussions that the privacy research group at COSIC/ESAT (KUL) had about TrackMeNot in 2012. Back then we were discussing the efficacy of the possible protections offered by TrackMeNot when faced with a “learning” machine. Little did I know that one day I would have close encounters with the creators of TrackMeNot, Helen Nissenbaum, Vincent Toubiana and Daniel Howe. All three will be at the Symposium on Obfuscation which takes place next week at NYU. The line up of speakers include Susan Stryker, Nick Montfort, Laura Kurgan, Claudia Diaz, Günes Acar, Finn Brunton, Hanna Rose Shell, Joseph Turow as well as Rachel Greenstadt representing her research group that developed “Anonymouth”, Daniel Howe, the creator of “Ad Nauseam”, and Rachel Law, the maker of “Vortex”. You can find out more about the event here.