Security Origami: The art of folding security engineering practice into cybersecurity and countersurveillance

  • Conference on Internet Governance. Actors, Technology, Content. Alexandar von Humboldt Institute für Internet und Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany. OCT, 2014
  • Berkman-IVIR Roundtable: Conceptualizing Communications Security, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA. APR, 2014

Privacy and Social Networks

  • Participation Literacy (course taught by Trebor Scholz), The New School, NY, USA. SEP, 2014

Let’s First Get Things Done! (with Miriyam Aouragh, Jara Rocha, and Femke Snelting)

  • Living Together Symposium at the Osthang Architecture Summer School, Darmstadt, Germany. AUG, 2014

Theories of Surveillance and Privacy Technologies + Obfuscation as (digital) protection

  • IVIR Privacy Summer School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. JUL, 2014

Is BB watching you?

  • Information Influx (IVIR 25th Year Celebration and Conference), University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. JUL, 2014

An Ontology for Multilateral Privacy Requirements Engineering – A cloud perspective

  • Webinar for NIST Cloud Privacy Working Group, Gaithersburg, MD, USA. JUN, 2014
  • Tutorial following the Privacy Engineering Workshop, NIST, MD, USA. APR, 2014

Privacy and Engineering Practice: What to do?

  • ISTC Social Computing All Hands, Georgia Technology Institute, Atlanta, GA, USA. MAY, 2014

Privacy is Security is a prerequisite for Privacy is not Security is a delegation relationship…

  • NYU Privacy Research Group, NY, USA. MAY, 2014

“Privacy is don’t ask, confidentiality is don’t tell” An Empirical study of privacy definitions, assumptions and methods in computer science research

  • CITP Luncheons, Princeton University, NJ, USA. MAR, 2013

A Failed Coup Attempt with Folk Songs, Part VII: The State of Surveillance

  • (with Finn Brunton, curator: Ceren Erdem) Data Shadows: Anonymity and Digital Networks, Apexart, NY, USA. FEB, 2014
  • Living in Surveillance Societies Conference (LISS), Barcelona, Spain. MAY, 2012

Concepts of Privacy underlying Privacy Enhancing Technologies

  • Privacy Graduiertenkolleg, Passau, Germany. DEC, 2012

Surveillance vs. Social Privacy: Imagined Users of Privacy Solutions for Online Social Networks

  • Amsterdam Privacy Conference, The Netherlands. OCT, 2012

State of the Art in Privacy and Security in Online Social Networks

  • Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE 2012), Brussels, Belgium. OCT, 2012

Privacy Requirements in Online Social Networks

  • Workshop Digital Natives’ Traces, University of Siegen, Germany. MAY, 2012

3×3: Confidentiality, Control and Practice at the intersection of Surveillance, Privacy and Design (with Claudia Diaz)

  • re:publica, Berlin, Germany. MAY, 2012

Privacy and Security of Online Social Networks at the Workplace

  • LSEC Industry Workshops: Online Social Networking Threats and Opportunities, Security and Privacy Challenges, Leuven, Belgium. SEP, 2011

Engineering Privacy by Design

  • Greens/EFA Hearing Data Protection for the Digital Age, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. JUNE, 2012
  • Research Seminar, University of Vigo, Spain. JUL, 2011

Public Roundtable: From Society to Technology: Implementing Interoperable, privacy-aware Decentralized Social Networks

The Challenge of Addressing Privacy in Online Social Networks

Privacy Issues and Data Protection in Technology Enhanced Learning

Multilateral Privacy Requirements Analysis in Online Social Networks

  • Colloquium at the Research Center in IT and Law (CRID), Namur, Belgium. FEB, 2011
  • Privacy Threats and Defenses Colloquium at the Information Security and Privacy Lab, TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands. NOV, 2010

The Anonymity Game

  • ESC, Graz, Austria. SEP, 2010
  • \etc, Brussels, Belgium. SEP, 2010

Multilateral Privacy Requirements in Online Social Networks

  • Lecture at the Interdisciplinary Privacy Course, Summer Semester, K. U. Leuven, Belgium. 2010

Privacy Requirements Engineering in Online Social Networks

  • CTIT Workshop on Privacy in Online Social Networks, UTwente, The Netherlands. SEP, 2010

Anonymous City (animated video) (with Thibaut D’alton)

  • Theory Brunch, ESC, Graz. DEC, 2010

Requirements engineering and privacy by design

  • Lecture at the Interdisciplinary Privacy Course, Summer Semester, K. U. Leuven, Belgium. 2009

Circumscribing PETs

  • International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Brussels, Belgium. 2009

Amidst the Golden Age of Privacy

  • Verbindingen/Jonctions 12, Constant VZW, Brussels, Belgium. NOV, 2009

A Failed Coup Attempt with Folk Songs, Part II: Digital authenticity and evidence in a culture of sharing

  • CPU, Graz, Austria. OCT, 2008

web 2.6 beta, the failed coup attempt with folks songs (with Michelle Teran)

the body double: ubiquitous computing, privacy and surveillance space (with Michelle Teran)

  • as part of the exhibition: infra red light against surveillance camera (I.-R.A.S.C.), Berlin, Germany, 2007. NOV, 2007

Yeni Bilisim Teknolojilerinde Mahremiyet ve Güvenlik

  • 1st Workshop on the Individual and Institutional Privacy in Informatics Age, Sabanci University and GEOPKDD Privacy Observatory, Istanbul, Turkey. NOV, 2007

Privacy lost? preserving privacy in multilaterally secure systems

  • University of Victoria, Canada. AUG, 2007

Troubling privacy in practices of technical control

  • NGBK, Berlin, Germany. JUL, 2007

Meeting on Web tracking and Privacy (with Günes Acar and Claudia Diaz)

  • FTC, NY, USA. FEB, 2014

A Research Perspective on the Data Protection Regulation Proposal: The SPION Project

  • ITRE Committee Mini Hearing on “Industry and Research Perspectives on the General Data Protection Regulation”, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. DEC, 2012

Approaches to Engineering Privacy By Design

  • IAPP: East meets West, organized by MODAP, Istanbul. OCT, 2012

Participation in the meetings and final publication of the Co:lab Initiative on “Privatheit und Öffentlichkeit”

  • Berlin, Germany. 2011

Multilateral Privacy Requirements Engineering in Online Social Networks

  • e-Forum Privacy Working Group Third Meeting, Brussels, Belgium. DEC, 2010

Privacy Concerns, Design and Data Protection in the Context of Online Social Networks

  • Privacy OS, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford, UK. APR, 2010

Political Crypto: National Security agendas, law and the making of cryptography (with Joris Van Hoboken)

  • Workshop on Infrastructures of Empire: Mediated Activism and (counter)revolutions, NYU, NY, USA. APR, 2014

An Activist meets a consumer at an Online Social Network

  • Workshop on Social Media Activism in the Arab World and China, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. JAN, 2013

Translating privacy into digital designs: technical strategies to counter everyday surveillance

  • Amsterdam Privacy Conference, The Netherlands. OCT, 2012

Requirement engineering meets social sciences: re-wiring socio-technical systems for tackling privacy and responsibilization

  • IAMCR 2012, Durban, South Africa. JUL, 2012

A Critical Overview of 10 Years of Privacy Technology

  • Lecture Series: Sniff, Scrape, Crawl…, Piet Zwart Institute, Master Media Design and Communication: Networked Media, The Netherlands. 2011
  • 27C3, Berlin, Germany. DEC, 2010 [video]

Reciprocity and Conflict Detection in Online Social Networks (with Bettina Berendt)

  • CPDP 2010, Brussels, Belgium. JAN, 2010

PETs and their users. Retelling a story in the surveillance society (with Bettina Berendt)

  • Second Multidisciplinary Workshop on Identity in the Information Society, London, United Kingdom. JUN, 2009

PETs under Surveillance: A Critical review of the potentials and limitations of the privacy as confidentiality paradigm

  • Talk at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium: HotPETs, Seattle, U.S.A. 2009

Participant in the ESRC / Surveillance Studies Network Seminar Series

  • Surveillance Studies Network, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2008

Participant at the SSN Conference (Invisibilities: the politics, practice and experience of surveillance in everyday life)

  • Sheffield, United Kingdom. 2008

Frauen in den Naturwissenschaften am Campus Adlershof (FiNCA)

  • Participant and moderator at the kick-off event of the Initiative for Women in the Sciences, Berlin, Germany. 2007

Current Issues in IT Management

  • Seminar instructor at the Department of Information Systems, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. WS 2006 and WS 2007

Security and Location Services in Ad-Hoc Networks

  • GI-Dagstuhl Research Seminar: Algorithms for Sensor and Ad hoc Networks, Wadern, Germany. 2006